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Bones for life

Have you ever seen the African water carriers who walk for miles with up to 30kg on their heads? They are strong, yet agile, and graceful. It’s no surprise that they also only have 5% of the bone fractures of western women!

Ruthy Alon, creator of The Bones for Life Method (BFL) drew her inspiration from these amazing women. Bones for Life is about strengthening your entire skeleton so that you can move with improved alignment and a new sense of being upright and strong.

You’ll go through a series of easy- to- do yet highly effective and fast acting exercise processes which are natural and fun.
Simple tools like a strip of cloth as a wrap and light weights are used. Many of the movements are done while pushing into a wall while lying down, in sitting and in standing postures. They are safe weight bearing movements that challenge your bones to be strong and sturdy while improving balance and coordination.

Bones for Life is suitable for people of all ages and abilities. The exercises are easy to do at home and simple to integrate into your daily life.

Other Benefits are:

  • Fluid movement
  • Ease and comfort in everyday activities
  • strong,healthy and resilient bones
  • Comfort in standing and walking
  • Increased vitality
  • Injury prevention

“Since the last Bones for Life course, I have not had ANY vertigo for three weeks!
I have more energy. I am more upright and much more aware of how I hold myself. GREAT STUFF! Keep it up.” Jean Perks