Live Vibrantly: Feldenkrais practitioner reflexologist

About me

Christine CutbushMy passion is helping you  learn how to move comfortably.

  • that means you will age well
  • and you will continue to do what you love to do

I combine Feldenkrais, Bones for life, Reflexology and Yoga to help people rediscover how to move effortlessly and increase your vitality so that you can become vibrant human beings.

Everyone wants better posture so I’ve created classes and workshops which help you realign yourself from your feet up. I’ve found the benefits of this in helping people find the posture, balance, stability  lower back comfort, head and shoulder ease, health and enjoyment of life, that they want.

The most significant turning point in my studies was a teacher training with Donna Farhi based on “the developmental patterns of human movement” which inspired my interest in the natural way the body is designed to move. This lead me to the Feldenkrais Method. I remember very clearly that after my first Feldenkrais movement lesson how amazed I was that from just a 45 minute lesson my flexibility so greatly increased after small and gentle movements and without forcing or straining my body, This was a major turning point in my life. I’m part of the professional Feldenkrais community and commited to continuing to develop my skills.

From then on I combined Yoga and Feldenkrais. The combination of these two is remarkable giving students who have struggled with poses the flexibility and stability necessary to be comfortable and safely deepen their yoga practice.

Following on from this I created my popular “Align your Feet” workshops, combining my knowledge of the feet in movement and how reflexology improves your well being. The workshops will help you restore the natural flexibility of your feet, which means you can walk more comfortably and stand for longer periods of time.

My interest grew into helping people develop healthier bones, powerful posture and reclaiming their vitality which lead me to discover the Bones for Life program . This natural programme is an amazing technique based on the Feldenkrais method that brings the benefits of the African women who carry heavy loads on their head walking for miles with ease and grace.

For many years I taught at yoga studios and Gyms in Los Angeles. (I have trained in Sivanada, Yoga Works, the 3 year Iyengar training, and Anasura Yoga). I had a large private clientèle in Los Angeles for 14 years seeing people regularly in their homes, many of whom spent a large amount of time sitting at desks. My unique history helped those people discover how to be as healthy as they can be.